Kent's Award Winning 144Club, Jazz Clubs in Kent, Since 2006

House Musicians

Variety, Continuity and Class. Find out more on these pages about the 144Club House Musicians

This Video featuring some of the House Musicians in the Studio                                                                          

The 144Club has always operated in the tradition of the world's top jazz clubs by featuring the very best of national and international jazz headliners backed by a rota of house musicians.  Each house musician is an experienced rhythm section performer and bosts C.V.'s reading like a who's who of the jazz world.

Having such a wealth of jazz musicians to back headlining artists makes the jazz at the 144Club exciting and fresh.  Most visiting artists have worked with, or do continue to work with many of the house musicians in other contexts.  This makes the live jazz of high CD quality.  There is familiarity exchanged between each musician yet a fluid freshness displayed in each performance.  The rota of house musicians offering real variety and continuity.

The house musicians are put together each month by Roan Kearsey-Lawson.  To find out more about Roan Kearsey-Lawson click here