Kent's Award Winning 144Club, Jazz Clubs in Kent, Since 2006

Information, Terms & Conditions of Business

Advertised Programmes

Please note that musicians and artists advertised, and dates and times advertised are correct at the time of publishing.  The 144Club reserves the right to change, delay or cancel any such advertised details or performances.  No refund is given for performances that go ahead where changes have been made to the advertised musicians.


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you have purchased a ticket and are unable to attend a performance for any reason, no refund is given, and the ticket cannot be transfered to another performance.  Similarly if you have made a mistake on the performance date i.e. if you booked for April and actually wanted to come to May, then the ticket is still not transferable and is non-refundable.  In addition any ticket(s) purchased are non-transferable between people, the person named on the ticket is the person that ticket is valid for.  

Time Alterations - Late Arrivals

We reserve the right to change/alter performance times due to the logistics of musicians and circumstances on the night.  Musicians may start later than advertised.  The estimated finish times may also alter due to similar circumstances.  There is no re-fund or part refund for performances which fall short of previously advertised times and lengths.  If you arrive late to a performance or miss a performance for which you have pre-paid, no refund is given.

Behaviour at the Club

The staff at the Roffen and 144Club reserve the right to ask to leave, or if need be remove, any customer from the premises for any reason deemed necessary by the management for the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, health and safety of the individual or group in question, or of other customers, musicians and staff.  In such circumstances where you are asked to leave or removed, no refund is given.  Violent behaviour will be prosecuted.


We reserve the right to cancel a performance / event, and close the doors, before or during a performance without notice and for any reason.  If we cancel a performance prior to 7.15pm on Wednesdays or 12.45pm on Sundays pre-paid customers will receive a refund.  If the performance is cancelled after the doors have opened then a 50% refund will be offered to those who have pre-paid up until the end of the first performance set.  If the event is cancelled after the first set no refund is given.  Non pre-paid customers, and pre-paid customers have no redress to claim travel or any other expenses if a performance is cancelled.

Health and Safety

There are several stairs, steps, doors and trip hazards at the club.  These have all been sign posted so please be aware.  Should any accident happen please direct any complaint direct to the Roffen.  Parking:  The Roffen car park is private and for Roffen members only.  Please take care when entering and exiting the premises by foot.

Food & Drink

The 144Club is only responsible for Tickets and Music.  All food and drink is supplied by the Roffen.  Should you have any questions or complaints please direct them to the Roffen.

Photo's & Filming

Photography and Filming are not allowed at the 144Club.  The 144Club regularly films and photographs performances.  Sometimes guests may inadvertently appear in these.  If you do not wish to appear in these then please do not attend the performances.  If you pre-book and when you arrive do not want to be filmed then please speak with the photographer and box office staff about where you can sit to avoid being photographed or filmed.  If you are still unhappy then you could sit in the bar to hear the performances.  If still unhappy then you may leave the performance.  No refund will be given.